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Innocente Beer now available at the LCBO

Bystander. Fling. Guilty Conscience. Inn O’Slainte. The names on the board at Innocente Brewing Company are as unique as the beers in the bottles.

Innocent Beer Board

A few weeks ago, I made a pitstop to pick up some bottles for my wife, and “assistant to the regional brewer” Craig mentioned they were getting ready to start selling in the LCBO. Well, over the weekend, I saw a post on Instagram with bottles of Charcoal Porter on the shelves at a local LCBO here in Waterloo.

Making it into the LCBO is big news for a craft brewery – but don’t let that dissuade you from visiting the brewery if you haven’t yet. Steve, Dave, and the rest of the team are always ready to answer any questions. Visiting is the best way to sample all their different brews too (My personal favourite right now is Werk Avoidance, it’s a really smooth session ale.)

Here’s a story for you of why I love Innocente. The first time I met Steve was at Tacofest in 2013. I had been diagnosed with celiac disease earlier that year, which meant my days of sampling every beer were over. I did find that I could sample a beer and spit it out – like you’d do for a wine tasting. At the Innocente table at Tacofest, Steve offered me a beer – to which I told him “Don’t take this as an insult, but I’ll have to spit this out.” I explain that with celiac diseases, I can’t have regular beer anymore. He didn’t mind and we had a great conversation about brewing.

Fast forward to this past August. I’m at a BBQ and Innocente is providing the beer. I say hello to Steve and he instantly starts telling me about an idea he had for brewing a gluten free beer. It’s been two years, I hadn’t mentioned gluten free beer, but he remembered. That’s just another reason it’s great to have them here in the community.