in Beer, Gluten Free

Zut alors! Glutenberg is now at the LCBO.

IMG_1867I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in January of 2013. That night, I went to the LCBO and picked up six packs of the four gluten free beers they carried.

There was Messagere Red Ale from Quebec, Bard’s Gold from New York, Wisconsin’s New Grist, and from Burlington, Ontario – Nickel Brook Gluten Free. Two months later, the LCBO added St. Peters G Free from Great Britain.

Being celiac means you can’t really be picky about beer. If I go to a restaurant and want a beer, and they have one of these, I’ll drink it. It’s not about having a favourite, it’s just about having an option.

These last three years have been a rotation through these five options, but this week, room was made on the shelf for a new entry. Brasseurs Sans Gluten’s Glutenberg Blonde is now available at your local LCBO. It’s a delicious millet based ale with a true beer taste compared to the sorghum based options available. The Blonde is just one of five brews from Brasseurs Sans Gluten – so hopefully demand is high enough to get some more shelf space.

Go pick one up and give it a try – would love to know what you think.